Real McCoys Season 2 (INACTIVE)

Cast: Kathleen Nolan, Lydia Reed, Michael Winkelman, Walter Brennan
Director: Charles Barton, David Alexander, Hy Averback, Sheldon Leonard
Country of Orgin: United States
Production Year: 1959
Studio: Inception Media Group
Synopsis: One of TV’s biggest hits of the era, The Real McCoys (1957-1963) paved the way for other rural comedy shows, including Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C.The Beverly HillbilliesPetticoat Junction and Green Acres. When a happy-go-lucky West Virginia mountain family moves to a ranch in California’s San Fernando Valley, anything is likely to happen.

Starring Grampa Amos McCoy (three-time Academy Award-winner Walter Brennan) – a porch-rockin’, gol-darnin’, consarnin’ old codger with a wheezy voice – who loves to meddle in other people’s affairs, neighbors and kin alike. Joining him are grandson Luke (Richard Crenna); Luke’s new bride, Kate (Kathleen Nolan); teenage sister, “Aunt” Hassie(Lydia Reed); 11-year-old brother, Little Luke (Michael Winkelman); musically inclined farm hand, Pepino (Tony Martinez); and their argumentative neighbor, George MacMichael (Andy Clyde). George’s spinster sister, Flora (Madge Blake), has eyes for Grampa but, alas, it’s not meant to be.

This Season #2 collector’s set includes all 39 half-hour episodes (1958-59).