Cast: Akeem Smith, April Matson, Elisha Skorman, Eric Jay Beck, Greg Cipes, Maynard James Keenan, McKenzie Westmore
Director: Taylor Sheridan
Country of Orgin: United States
Production Year: 2011
Studio: Inception Media Group
Synopsis: A group of strangers finds themselves imprisoned in a house. Unsure why they are there or who is behind it, the group is soon enlightened by a video advising them there is a way out! But the threshold they must cross is one of excruciating pain and – in the face of torture – not everyone is willing to play by the newly created rules. The group is ripped apart by infighting, secret alliances, double-crosses and shattering outbursts of violence. With the clock ticking down, the “one for all” mentality devolves. Just how far will each of them go to survive?